Farm2Chefs formed in 2010 as a local food collaborative. Within three years, our membership has grown to more than seventy farmers and chefs.

Farm2Chefs seeks to celebrate local food in our region. We achieve this by utilizing innovative and sustainable programs that inspire and educate our membership and the community about the benefits of eating local. We foster responsible regional agriculture, sustainability, and food security.

Our Board of Directors works diligently in connecting local farms with local restaurants, helping move locally grown food from seed to plate. The collaborative is also supporting farmers and food security organizations through grant programs.

Here’s Our Statement of Principles

  1. Food is fundamental to life, nourishing us in body and soul. The preparation of food strengthens our connection to nature. And the sharing of food immeasurably enriches our sense of community.
  2. Good food begins with unpolluted air, land, and water, environmentally sustainable farming and fishing, and humane animal husbandry.
  3. Food choices that emphasize delicious, locally grown, seasonally fresh, and whole or minimally processed ingredients are good for us, for local farming communities, and for the planet.
  4. Cultural and biological diversity are essential for the health of the earth and its inhabitants. Preserving and revitalizing sustainable food, fishing, and agricultural traditions strengthen that diversity.
  5. By continually educating themselves about sustainable choices, chefs can serve as models to the culinary community and the general public through their purchases of seasonal, sustainable ingredients and their transformation of these ingredients into delicious food.
  6. The greater culinary community can be a catalyst for positive change by creating a market for good food and helping preserve local food communities.