Our Story

The Farm2Chefs was formed in 2010 utilizing seed money provided through Community Futures of Thompson Country. It began with a simple mandate of strengthening the linkage between local food producers with chefs in the area with the aim of supporting the local food economy.  It is a member-driven organization comprised mainly of farmers and chefs in the area. It is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors. Currently, the Farm2Chefs represents a membership that has revenue in the order of $5 – $10 million per year.

Since its inception, the Farm2Chefs has undertaken a number of initiatives including:

  • Hosting of the Farm2Chefs fundraiser – this was a public event intended to share with the community locally produced and prepared foods and wines from;
  • Grow-op (Growing Opportunities) – this event was intended to link farmers and chefs early in the growing season to allow chefs to communicate to farmers what foods they would be willing to purchase;
  • Operating a grants/loans program which provides funds for farmers and chefs for various initiatives in their operations.